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Sweet Survey is a lovely survey website, where visitors can easily create surveys in seconds and share with anybody.

Feature List

  • Create/Modify/Share/Analyze/Delete Surveys
  • Optional Registration
    • Anonymous users can easily create/share/analyze surveys.
    • Registered users can further manage all of their surveys.
  • Themeable UIs
    • Visitors can switch among various themes conveniently.
  • Global Administrator
    • Independent portal.
    • Delete malicious surveys.

Technical Architecture

  • Presentation Layer
    • ASP.NET MVC 3 with Razor
    • jQuery Core
    • jQuery UI
    • jQuery Template
    • Autofac (IoC Container)
  • Business Logic Layer
    • Repository Pattern
  • Data Access Layer
    • ADO.NET Entity Framework 4
  • Persistent Storage
    • SQL Server Express (or SQL Server)
  • Unit Testing
    • Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework
    • Moq (Mocking Library) - for testing controllers
    • MSDTC (Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator) - for testing repositories
  • Global
    • NLog
    • Visual Studio 2010


Create/Edit/Analyze/Delete surveys:


Themeable UIs:


Setting Up Development Environment

The following page explains how to set up the development environment for Sweet Survey.


The following page explains how to deploy Sweet Survey.

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