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Deploying Sweet Survey

Deploying Sweet Survey requires following steps.

1. Install .NET Framework 4

Reason: it is the underlying framework for running Sweet Survey which is an ASP.NET MVC 3 application.

2. Install IIS

Reason: it is the hosting service for running Sweet Survey.
- Install IIS 5.1 on Windows XP:
- Install IIS 6 on Windows Server 2003:
- Install IIS 7 on Windows Vista & Windows 7:
- Install IIS 7 on Windows Server 2008:

3. Deploy Sweet Survey to IIS

Reason: (N/A)
- To IIS 5.1 and IIS 6:
- 1) Follow standard procedures to deploy Sweet Survey to the root web site or to a virtual directory
- 2) Right click on Default Web Site (or virtual directory) and click Properties
- 3) Make sure the website or virtual directory is an Application.
- 4) Set permissions to Scripts Only
- 5) Click Configuration. Under the Mappings tab, click the Add button
- 6) Select "C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\aspnet_isapi.dll"
- 7) In the Extension field, enter “.*”
- 8) Select All Verbs. Select “Script Engine”. Make sure ”Check that file exists” is NOT selected.
- 9) Click OK. (Click in the Extension field, then click in the Executable field again, and the OK button should be enabled.)
- 10) Similar as the steps described above but to remove the aspnet_isapi.dll from folder "Scripts" and "Content".
- To IIS 7:
- 1) Follow standard procedures to deploy Sweet Survey as a new web site.
- 2) Change the "Managed pipeline mode" of corresponding Application Pool to "Integrated".

4. Install Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.1.

Reason: providing the O/R mapping service in data access layer.

5. Install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express.

Reason: providing persistent storage.

6. Install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express.

Reason: providing interfaces for creating and maitaining databases.

7. Create the database

Reason: create the database and the tables inside for Sweet Survey.
1) Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express.
2) Right click on "Database" node, and click "New Database...".
3) In "Database name", input "Survey Survey", and click "OK".
4) Click "File > Open > File...", choose "SweetSurveyModel.edmx.sql" under "Model" folder of the website, and click "Open".
5) Follow the dialog to connect to the database, and click "Query > Execute".

(All steps are finished.)

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